Thursday, May 1, 2014

Splash screen with a little music

Progress-progress-progress! :)

As the title describes, during the past week I was able to display the splash screen at the beginning of the game (right before the intro), and play some MIDI formatted music. Let's see the result of it:

Cool, isn't it? :) (I know you can't hear the music, but please imagine some eight-bit beeping playing for the full experience. :D)
The key of my fast progress is that as we augured with Strangerke before, I was able to use most of the graphic and the sound code from CGE1 in my engine. In truth, it only needed a little bit of hammering here and there, and the biggest differences were the different file names of the music files and that Sfinx uses a screen resolution of 320x240 instead of Soltys' 320x200. I also included the WAV player in my engine, but it's testing will wait until I implement "Snail" (the script parser), because it's only used there. But, if everything goes as planned, there won't be much more difference than the different file names again.
I'd explain the working of the sounds and the graphics here, but since it's working for now, I didn't really spend much time with understanding what's under the hood yet. I am convinced that there'll be difficulties with the further implementation, and sooner or later I'll have to fully understand and modify these parts of the engine too, so I leave the explanation for that time. For now, my aim is to copy as much as I can from CGE1, get as much as possible of CGE2 working, and then modify and polish the resulting code.

See you later! I hope I'll be able to show you the intro animation or some scenes from the actual game next time! :)


  1. Would it not make sense to extend CGE1 engine then instead of creating completely new one?

    1. We reconsidered it with Strangerke, but decided against it. Our first goal is now to have a working CGE2 engine and then we'll try to merge the two.